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Last Minute Halloween Ideas From Our Team

Last Minute Halloween Ideas From Our Team

Mwahhh-haha-haaaaa! The spookiest time of the year is here again. At Sinéad Kelly London, we love an excuse to dress up and Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year.

When it comes to Halloween, there are no half measures. You have to own your look and go all out if you want respect. More is most definitely more – you have to think about face paint, body paint, clothing, hair (or wigs) and props. And then there’s the question of co-ordinating your look with the rest of your family or your crew of mates. What’s better than a witch? A witch squad perhaps, or you dressing as a witch and your partner going as a wizard.

Have you decided on what you’re wearing yet? Here are some of the most daring, gruesome and downright freaky shots of our staff in their spook-tacular costumes from previous years to inspire you. Even if you have picked an outfit, it’s not too late to change it so you really make a statement.





Our salon owner manages to make being a zombie look glamorous. With big hair and a red lip, this is a way to look sexy as well as scary. It’s super easy to copy – simply blow dry your hair upside down, swish through your fingers and finish with hairspray. For the face you will need white face paint for the past and lots of smokey eye and lip make-up. Again, more is more.


Sinéad and Andy

What’s scarier than a zombie? Two zombies, of course. If you really want to stand out at a party, why not use your partner as an accessory. Then make sure he goes all out so he doesn’t drag you down. Andy, Sinéad’s husband, looked terrifying as a zombie.



With Andy, the devil is in the detail. Not only is the face paint gruesome, but the blood-stained shirt looks scarily realistic and the scar on the forhead adds the finishing touch. When picking your outfit, always question whethere there’s something else you can add to make it really pop out from the crowd at a busy party.

Or you could co-ordinate your outfit with your kids. How cute does Sinéad’s son Tyler look as a skeleton?








It’s all about the face paint for our talented Sara. She wears classic little black dresses with the scariest face make-up ever seen. Dressing as a cat was pretty mind-blowing as she managed to look both cute and sinister. A cat look is ideal if there’s someone you want to impress as it shows you’ve stuck to the theme but you don’t look as frightful as the people dressed in shapeless ghosts and sprits outfits.

Like monochrome? Try being a skeleton. It’s actually simple to do. Start with a white base all over and then add black around the eyes and lips. Most people won’t go down to the neck so make sure you do to be extra fabulous!





What do you call a person wearing a knife in their hair? The answer is our Sarah. She’s a style chameleon and you can guarantee you won’t find anyone else at a party in an outfit as original as this. Feel free to steal the idea!

Hats and head accessories are a way of making sure all eyes turn as you enter a room When you experiment with these items you look like a movie star, trying to stay glam at the same time as embracing the theme. As Sarah’s hat is embellished with a pretend knife and spots of blood, you can see she’s really made an effort and it shows. However, should she want to re-use it in a few years then she can as it’s a timeless costume thanks to the black clothing. Win, win!





Halloween is a time for blood, guts and gore and Vas pulls this off really well. The white face paint enhances his large eyes and the eye make-up makes him look old and tired (he’s actually fresh-faced most of the time). He’s also drawn his own set of lungs onto a t-shirt, showing that Halloween costumes do not have to be expensive. As long as you have imagination and know what look you want to achieve, you can make a lot of yourself and do some outfit DIY. This way, you’ll know that your outfit is unique and you won’t find 20 other people at the same event wearing the exact same costume because you were the one who dreamt it up.


So who do you think looked the best? We hope this gives you some inspiration to get your freak on for Halloween.

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