10 step guide to the 10-minute blow dry

There’s just never enough time in the morning. Somewhere in between breakfast, lost homework, morning meeting prep and the school run you have to find the time to get yourself ready. It can sometimes seem impossible. However, your hair need not suffer and you never have to step out the house again with a damp and frizzy barnet.

Follow the Sinéad Kelly London guide to the express blow dry routine, guaranteed to save you precious minutes.

 10 step guide to the 10-minute blow dry

  1. As soon as you get out of the shower twist your hair up in a towel. While it’s there take the time to do your makeup, make a cup of coffee or put the toast on.
  2. Once your hair is towel dry, spritz with a heat protection spray and sweep through with a paddle brush.
  3. Next take four big clips and section your hair. Start by taking a long rectangle on the top of your head, twist up and clip. Then separate each side from the back and twist and clip these three sections too.
  4. Time to blowdry. You’ll want a high-powered hairdryer with a concentrator nozzle attached, set on high heat and medium speed for maximum shine with minimum frizz. Start with the back section of the hair – this is the easiest – just blowdry straight down using a paddle brush. Top Tip! The trick to really shiny hair is to always point the dryer down the lengths on strands, hair structure is a bit like scales and they look best all lying flat.
  5. Onto the sides. Grab a round bristle brush and place on the top of the section. Direct the dryer just behind the brush and pull down the section, twisting away from your face as you go. Go slow and repeat a couple of times till the section is completely dry.
  6. Pick up the section you’ve just dried, loosely curl it round your fingers and pin to your head to set.
  7. Repeat on the other side.
  8. For the top section pull the hair upwards and place the brush behind it. Without the dryer on, brush to the end of the strand and then loosely roll the hair up on the brush. Direct the hot air behind the brush and slowly pull out the roll. Repeat until dry. Curl up and pin until it’s cool – optimum time for teeth brushing.
  9. Take out the pins and let your hair fall down loosely, teasing the curls apart with your fingers.
  10. Finish with a spritz of conditioning setting spray or hairspray. You can do this upside down for added volume.

That’s it! Perfect hair. Now to get on with your day.

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