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Sinéad Kelly London is a Colour specialist studio on White Hart Lane, Barnes. We specialise in expert and bespoke hair colouring, cutting and styling. We have tailor made our services just for you, the guest, to receive the highest quality techniques in hair colour, cuts and styling. Prices for all colour services may vary, depending on the look you want to achieve, how fast you want to get it (taking the current condition taken into consideration) & how much product is needed. To view our prices, please see the list below. For all new clients or existing clients wanting a change, we advise a pre-visit consultation before any service takes place. For more info on our pre-visit consultation, please visit our consultation section.


*If for whatever reason after you have visited us you are not 100% satisfied. Our policy is to invite you back to our studio to have any amendments done within 10 days of your original appointment, please note we do not offer refunds. Our mission remains the same which is to make sure you are looking and feeling good from the inside out after leaving the studio.
Any complaints can be addressed to Jamie via email [email protected]

Cutting & Styling
Self indulgence has never being easier for women and men at Sinéad Kelly London. Housed in a luxurious and relaxing environment, our dedicated team of professionals will create the look that’s right for you.
Ladies Restyle 108118130
Extensions Cut & Blowdry 108118130
Gents Cut 556065
Blow Dry45-6052-7257-8266-96
Blowdry Extensions 45mins60728296
Keratin Treatment250-300250-300250-300250-300
The Keratin “12 week” blow dry – This revolutionary treatment gives the effect of a professional salon blow dry with very little effort that lasts up to three months. No more weekly trips to the salon: this keratin based treatment tames, softens and smoothes even the frizziest locks. Price is on quotation based on the thickness/length of your hair!
Olaplex is used alongside colouring or lightening services, we recommend using it on bleaching and highlights, you won’t look back! Discover OLAPLEX™ at Sinéad Kelly London – the revolutionary new product that has taken America by storm. OLAPLEX™ is redefining the way hair is coloured; OLAPLEX™ is proven to target hair strand structure, reconnecting bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring. Our talented colour team is extremely proud to join the world’s best salons in offering OLAPLEX™ to our colour clients seeking a truly transformational colour service. OLAPLEX is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens.
The ritual begins with an in-depth consultation to diagnose your hair condition. Unlike any other treatments from Kérastase, Fusio-Dose allows for multiple hair concerns to be targeted with one concentrated active formula. With new Fusio-Dose there is no need to compromise. Choose from 4 concentrés to target your primary hair need and one of the 5 powerful boosters to target your secondary need. Watch us, mix and fuse your chosen Fusio-Dose before your eyes. Hair is stronger, looks shinier, smoother and feels thicker, softer, as if transformed.
Global Colouring
At Sinéad Kelly London the creation of perfect colour is paramount. Using innovative techniques our team of colour experts will work closely with you to achieve a look that is individual to you.
L’Oreal professional hair colour range gives you a natural and/or vibrant permanent colour result to help you achieve the perfect tone. A global application of colour that is great for covering natural white hair or for simply adding a shine or glaze of colour that is slightly darker or lighter than your natural colour. It’s also great for if you want a tonal difference such as copper or ash. It can be a pplied on its own or in between highlights or Balayage.
Full Tint (w/ Blow Dry)131150167191
Full Tint (w/ Cut + Blow Dry)151173198230
Regrowth Tint (w/ Blow Dry)108122144164
Regrowth Tint (w/ Cut + Blow Dry)128145175203
Regrowths Longer Than 16 Weeks50505050
Inoa Full Tint (w/ Blow Dry)150171188214
Inoa Full Tint (w/ Cut + Blow Dry)170194219253
Inoa Regrowth Tint (w/ Blow Dry)131150167191
Inoa Regrowth Tint (w/ Cut + Blow Dry)151173198230
Quasi/Semi (w/ Blow Dry)131150167191
Quasi/Semi (w/ Cut + Blow Dry)151173198230
Glaze Toningup to 95up to 95up to 95up to 95
Extra Thickness & Lengthfrom 50from 50from 50from 50

*additional charges may be added when extra colour usage is required.

Classic & Bespoke HIGHLIGHTS
A timeless colour technique that can give you a multi-tonal blonde, caramel or alternative shades.This allows your hair to contour your face more, and also create a little more excitement to your hair colour without dying your whole head of hair. Chat to your colourist about modernising you highlights with a root shadow or bespoke toner to create a more bespoke highlighting look.
Full Head Highlights (w/ Blow Dry)185211237269
Full Head Highlights (w/ Cut + Blow Dry)205234268308
Half Head Highlights (w/ Blow Dry)145165188217
Half Head Highlights (w/ Cut + Blow Dry)165188219256
Regrowths Longer Than 16 Weeks50505050
Add Ons
Bespoke Toningfrom 95from 95from 95from 95
Glaze Toningup to 95up to 95up to 95up to 95
Extra Thickness50505050
Back To Back Highlights Surchargeup to 100up to 100up to 100up to 100
Bowlayagefrom 60from 60from 60from 60
Bespoke and Balayage Colouring

Balayage is a specialist colour technique that originated from France. The freehand lightening technique is where the colour is applied by hand using sweeping techniques. The application of the colour is painted with great precision onto the hair to build a soft contrast and create a gradual gentle effect from Mid-lengths to ends. This is for those who want to achieve a couple of levels light than their own natural colour and to give a very soft natural look without colouring the root area.

Foilayage is an evolved advanced colouring technique incorporating the balayage method. It will give you the more powerful lift, but with the blend of balayage is in a bespoke and tailored way. This is needed with darker bases or those who want to achieve a light blonde with the combination of balayage and freehanded lights.

These services can be applied with a full head or half head coverage and be applied in conjunction with regrowth blends and personalised global colours. Balayage or foilyage can be used to achieve a more natural, dimensional and lived in colour. It is very popular with blondes, brunettes and natural redheads to create a more bespoke look.

When choosing between balayage or foilyage your colourist will help to determine the best technique required to create the look you desire. All bespoke services will require a glossing add-on service however this will differ upon consultation due to its uniqueness.

Classic Full Balayage (w/ Blow Dry) 246278313
Classic Full Balayage (w/ Cut + Blow Dry) 269309352
Classic Half Balayage (w/ Blow Dry) 204233266
Classic Half Balayage (w/ Cut + Blow Dry) 227264305
Bespoke Full Foilyage from 270from 300
Classic Full Foilyage (w/ Blow Dry) 273309352
Classic Full Foilyage (w/ Cut + Blow Dry) 296340391
Classic Half Foilyage (w/ Blow Dry) 231266301
Classic Half Foilyage (w/ Cut + Blow Dry) 254297340
Add Ons
Bespoke Toningfrom 95from 95from 95from 95
Glaze Toningup to 95up to 95up to 95up to 95
Masking30 - 10030 - 10030 - 10030 - 100
Back To Back Surcharge100100100100
Specialist Colouring
For those wanting a more bold colour or transformation. From global bleach tints to colour corrections, we offer a service that focuses on spending time to transform you and your hair. Be it from dark to blonde or blonde to dark or simply a service that takes longer than a standard appointment time and sometimes more than one visit. We will ensure we create the best hair transformation for you.


Bleach Full Application 312349
Bleach Full Application 334379
Bleach Regrowth 6-8 Weeks 186223
Bleach Regrowth 6-8 Weeks 204253
Colour CorrectionsPOAPOAPOAPOA
Colour TransformationsPOAPOAPOAPOA
Virtual and E-Consultation

At Sinéad Kelly London we offer one-on-one pre-visit virtual and e-consultations for new and existing clients. All you need to do is call the studio, pay your £50 booking fee, then email us two selfies of your hair as it looks right now, one in natural light and one in daylight. We would also advise you to send along with your selfie, your hair history for the last 12 months and also any hair inspiration you have so we can see what you visually like. Once we have all that information, we will then schedule a call with you. In this call we will discuss all options based on what you like, and we will also advise you if something you like is not possible or will take longer to achieve. Please note skin testing 48 hours prior your colour service is mandatory.

Virtual and E-consultation costs £50, which is redeemable off the price of your cut or colour if you book to see the recommendations come to life in the studio with one of Sinéad’s expert team. To book, click here.

An award winning hair studio based in White Hart Lane in Barnes.
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