Meet Senior Stylist Azzurra Chivaroli


We hope all our readers had a great summer? If you’ve visited recently, you’ll have seen that someone very special has had a promotion. Azzurra Chivaroli is now Sinéad Kelly London’s assistant manager. Well done Azzurra!

Azzurra (pictured above) brings with her a loyal client base who trust her to make them look glamorous and feel pampered and looked after time and time again. Her dedication to her clients is impeccable and we can’t wait to give you the opportunity to experience it.

As she’s studied art, she has a special talent for balayage – she’s got an eye for painting on the colour in just the right way. Another one of her talents is the blow dry especially if you want beachy waves that are soft and sexy. Here are a few examples of her work so you can see her handiwork for yourself.









In the salon, everyone’s happy when they leave Azzurra’s chair, especially those floating out onto the street with waves showing off the stunning colour mix. For those who haven’t had time to book in yet.  we’ve picked her brains to get her to share some of her knowledge and background with readers of this blog.


How long have you been in the hair industry? Why did you decide on this career?

I have been hairdressing for nearly a decade. Having originally studied art, hairdressing was a way of combining those creative techniques but in a practical way. I also love making women feel good about themselves, glamourous and beautiful. Everyone has the right to feel fabulous every now and then.

What have been your biggest successes?

One of my biggest achievements was making the transition from Rome to London. That was a great personal success. After managing an Italian salon in London, I felt it was time to break away and move into a salon that was more diverse. Also, I have completed various advanced colouring courses in Italy as well as London, learning from the industry’s best. I have also competed in hair competitions in Rome and creative shoots.

What cuts / colours have you done on a client that you are proud of and why?

I think its important to take pride in everything you do, but if I was to one in on one technique of colouring I am particularly proud of it would be my balayage. This technique is so popular today but so tricky to create. Being a freehand technique its notoriously difficult to make look seamless, but I guess that’s where my background in painting comes handy. Here are more examples:






Can you help a client to have more voluminous hair and how?
Analysing a client’s hair texture and natural fall is key and ensuring the appropriate cut is executed. Using the correct products is important and making sure you don’t overload your hair with them. Ironically, less is more when it comes to volume.




Do you have any tips for clients wanting to blow dry their hair at home as well as you do it in the salon?
Use the correct tools, when straightening hair use a paddle brush and when wanting a more voluminous wave use a round brush. However, hairdressers are masters of their craft so trying to ‘replicate’ the exact look at home is difficult…otherwise we would all be out of a job.  

What is your favourite party hair up-do and why?

I am a big fan of ‘messy’ hair ups. The more done but undone look as oppose to anything too set. A beautiful pulled out fishtail braid or shaggy chignon always looks effortless and can also make clients feel more glamorous and confident, as not all the hair is scraped back, creating a softness and romanticism to the whole look.





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What knowledge can you pass on to clients wanting to fight the frizz in the cold, wet Autumn weather?

Make sure hair is completely dry before leaving the house in colder months. Also, decant your favourite serum in a handbag-friendly size bottle and apply small amounts throughout the mid lengths and ends if your hair is particularly prone to frizz


All the photos used above are by Azzurra Chivarloi. You can also find more examples of her work on the @sineadkellyLDN instagram feed.

If this has inspired you to book in to benefit from her expertise and experience in real life, call the salon on 020 8392 2444

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