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How To Keep Hair Healthy On Summer Holidays

How To Keep Hair Healthy On Summer Holidays

Has all the warm weather we’ve been having recently got you thinking about your summer holidays? Us too. Before we know it schools will have broken up and we’ll be bundling kids, partners and half the wardrobe onto a plane in search of some sunshine.

Here’s our five-step guide to how you can keep your hair looking its best during your holiday.

  1. Pre-plan your colour

Although it may be tempting to get your hair coloured just before you jet off, sun and swimming can accelerate the fading process. We recommend you get your hair coloured one week before you go so the dye has time to bond to your hair and you won’t have any nasty surprises – we all know someone who has had a green hair disaster.

  1. Keep your hair strong



Strong sun, salt water and chlorine can be hard on your hair. To keep stressed-out locks from ruining your relaxation, take care of your hair before you go. Book in for a revolutionary Olaplex treatment in salon – this miracle product is proven to target hair strand structure, reconnecting bonds broken by colouring and daily life. It will give your hair the strength it needs to stand up to summer.

  1. Try a new holiday shade

Shake things up with a temporary colour change while you’re away. One of our favourite quick wins is to run a little pastel colour through light hair for a soft, carefree colour lift. Have a look at the latest rose gold hair colour trend for inspiration.

  1. Protect against the rays



You’d never forget to protect your skin, so why neglect your hair? Before you go, stock up on some products that will protect your hair from becoming dry and brittle through sun damage. Most hair sunscreens comes as a spritz which also add a lovely shine, plus you can get some that work on both hair and skin and smell amazing. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  1. Get some TLC when you return

Your hair is likely to grow quicker when you’re in the sunshine due to the increased vitamin D, which is linked to hair growth. So when you return home head down to the salon for some TLC including a Fusion Dose Kerastase treatment, aimed to give your hair all the nourishment it needs. Add a blow dry and you’ll be ready to show off your look, complete with tan, to your friends.





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