Fight the frizz

The change in weather and the never ending rain is a frizz-sufferers worst enemy.

Until someone invents an umbrella that protects hair from moisture in the air as well as the rain, frizz will be a longstanding nightmare during and after a downpour.

Hair that has suffered cuticle and protein structure damage is more prone to humidity-induced frizz. So hair that has become dry and damaged through heat and chemical treatments is not going to fare well in the rain.

To avoid frizz creeping up when the heavens open, follow our tips to make sure your hair is full of moisture for all the right reasons.

  1. Avoid sulfate-based shampoos, which can strip hair of moisture. To help seal the cuticle, apply an intensively hydrating yet lightweight conditioner.
  1. Don’t rough dry your hair with a towel whenever it is wet. Blot dry instead, removing moisture without ruffling the cuticles.
  1. Start any style with heat protector.
  1. Blow dry until completely dry, with no remaining hint of moisture.
  1. Use anti-frizz serum and apply sparingly.
  1. Try using a spritz of hairspray as it will act as an extra barrier between your hair and the elements.
  1. Let hair cool completely before venturing outside. Alternatively, finish off your style using the cold setting on your hairdryer. This will ensure that hair cuticles lay flat, making it harder for water vapour to sneak its way in.
  1. Avoid touching your hair. As hair will already be porous from the humid surroundings, any contact with sweat and heat can push moisture into the hair shaft, raising the cuticles and encouraging frizz.
  1. If the weather forecast his looking miserable opt for an up do to reduce the chance of frizz ruining your look.
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