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Pride London: Hair Colour Inspiration

Pride London: Hair Colour Inspiration

We were proud to be Londoners on Saturday 7th July as the Pride parade and celebration rocked the capital. As the main procession took place between Great Portland Street and Trafalgar Square in central London, everywhere around the city people were celebrating love in all its forms and it was a beautiful sight to witness.



The salon staff got involved because the ethos of Sinead Kelly London is that Love is Love and that everyone is equal no matter their race, religion, gender or sexual preference. We also enjoy helping people to feel more glamorous and Pride a day where everyone makes an effort with their appearances as they feel free to show off their true personalities. Pride is a day to experiment without fear of judgement and we’re all for that. Here are some pics of the salon staff expressing themselves with colour:








Pride is an uplifting and an exciting time and we loved seeing all the colours on the streets. It was inspirational for getting us to think about hair colour in a different way. We always look at hair trends, it’s how we created this iconic blue bob that won the L’Oréal colour trophy award beating thousands of salons from around the UK and won us an award at the World  L’Oréal Colour Trophy awards.




So with this year’s Pride being bigger, bolder and brighter than ever, we checked out what was going on with the hair of our favourite gay icons and divas. These are the people that we think do colour best:


Kylie Minogue



She’s been in pop for 30 years and she’s gone through a lot of styles in that time – some awful and some fabulous! From having a dry perm sticking out of her hat on her first album cover to having a lovely healthy glossy blonde shoulder length style and then a darker blonde, she’s definitely experimented.

Kylie is one of those people who gets better with age and that’s because she’s more comfortable with herself as she gets older and she knows what she likes more. We like how she’s toned down a platinum colour to a more manageable, but equally sexy,  strawberry blonde colour. You don’t always have to be the brightest blonde, it’s all about finding what suits you and luckily the Sinéad Kelly London team are experts at helping you find the right blonde for your skin tone and lifestyle.


Ru Paul



You couldn’t get more glam than Ru Paul’s drag race. When you wear striking make-up and put the effort into your face, its a lot easier to pull off outrageous and daring colours as people see that you’ve made an effort with your face and it looks like your hair complements that. Striking hair and no make-up is almost impossible to pull off as the hair will end up washing your face out.

Ru is always someone that owns a look. The brighter, the more voluminous and the longer the better. When you’re confident with a new hair colour – and Ru changes hers often – it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you like it and then others end up liking it too because you ooze confidence.


Lady Gaga



Lady Gaga changes her hair colour practically every fortnight. She’s been multi-coloured, she’s been platinum, she’s been pink, red, green and blue and even an eye-catching shade of yellow. What’s her secret for making sure she doesn’t damage her hair? Well, one of her secrets is wigs – sometimes her hair is dyed and sometimes its a wig and the wigs are such high quality that you can’t tell. When it is her own hair, she’ll have used Olaplex to keep the hair glossy and healthy and she’ll have changed it slowly with the platinum being a middle stage between one colour and another.




Madonna is the original Pop Queen and we love her for so many reasons – she sets trends, she doesn’t apologise for being herself and she’s controversial and proud of it. She worked her way up from nothing to being a multi-millionaire music icon and her cone bra and leotards continue to inspire modern day pop stars.

With her hair, she’s often been blonde and in her early days she was always platinum. However, now she’s 60 this year (in August) she’s toned it down a bit and gone for a darker shade of blonde. This means her hair looks super shiny and its a look that works day to day, not just when she’s on stage. As she’s doing less and less performing she had to go for a more realistic everyday colour and she’s still blonde, which means she can easily add a pink or a blue colour or scrape it back to create different looks on stage. When you choose your hair colour, you have to be realistic about what you spend most of your time doing.


So whose hair would you most like to copy? We hope you enjoyed Pride!

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